Zero Deficiency Report-State Inspection

SDCH’s Western Peaks Specialty Hospital long-term acute care (LTAC) nursing unit achieved a 100% deficiency-free report from its November 2021 state inspection survey. What does this mean? It is like receiving a perfect report card!

SDCH’s care units strive to exceed the highest levels of quality short term care, long term care, and specialty care rehab therapy services for our patients. It is an impressive thing for any specialty care facility to accomplish, indicating that our Western Peaks Specialty Hospital unit of our SDCH Campus indeed met or exceeded the highest levels of state standards.

Annual inspections are conducted by the Utah Department of Health Services by surveyors that arrive unannounced–they interview staff, observe care provided, review our procedures, monitor meal service, check for compliance to regulations on care, confidentiality, and quality of services. We continually always work under the highest level of quality because we never know when an inspection may happen.

It is the goal of SDCH to provide high quality of care in a safe environment, yet with purpose and compassion in caring for patients of all ages, which our community, the state and the surrounding region has come to expect.