SDCH’s Ragnar Relay Teams Run With a Purpose

SDCH had two teams enter their first Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back run event to show support for the nonprofit hospital they work for and the individuals they serve through their careers as healthcare providers.

“We provide care for a wide range of individuals.  We care for patients with ventilators, tracheotomies, and spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, children who have suffered abuse, trauma patients, and patients with brain injuries.  These patients have had their physical abilities limited or fully taken away from them – they struggle daily to regain abilities that they have lost or in some cases, learn abilities they have never known, such as a child who has been abused and it trying to learn how to feel love or a patient who suffered a stroke and trying to take those first steps. As employees we have create strong bonds with patients we care for.  Many like to hear about our running adventures, eagerly asking us about the big race.  These patients live vicariously through us, their family, friends and caregivers..We want to run for them.  We want to be their legs, their lungs, and their strength.”