Hospital Survives Historic Flood of 1983

The epic floods in Spring of 1983 caused millions in damage to hundreds of homes and businesses and was one of the worst weather disasters in Utah history.  An exceptionally hot weather spell at the end of May caused floods and mudslides from the winter’s record snow-pack to run off  faster than canyons could handle.  The fast waters smothered areas of Farmington, battered sections of Bountiful, and created rivers running down the main streets of Salt Lake City.

Just after midnight on a Wednesday evening, Stone Creek broke through an earlier mudslide and sent a 30-foot-high wall of water crashing into the sleeping Bountiful neighborhoods.  Luckily, nobody was killed as the furious flood sent families scurrying from their homes in their pajamas. SDCH was able to evacuate patients to shelters for safety and then proceeded with the cleanup for several days after the historic flood and quickly reopened the hospital for our patients.