Original SDCH Board of Directors

The incorporators of the nonprofit South Davis Community Hospital were civic officials, prominent citizens in the community, and representatives of the medical profession in the area.  The 34 founders of SDCH had the desire of representation on the board of directors of lay-citizens whose main interest would be in the efficient administration of the hospital to serve everyone.  In addition, to more effectively assure the very finest in medical services, several physicians were appointed to serve on the board.

The original SDCH Board of Directors: Dr. Dewey C. MacKay, Jr., Chairman; F.M. Christensen, Larry F. Eckman, George K. Fadel, Ward C. Holbrook, Newell P. Parkin, Harold C. Pope, Dr. W. Dean Belnap, Dr. Roger A. Brown, Dr. Hubert C. Burton, Dr. Lloyd R. Hicken, Dr. David H. Wray, and Dr. Calvin R. MacKay.