My grandson is being cared for at South Davis Community Hospital and is getting the best care. The staff are caring and kind from nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, CNAs, and more.
Phyllis S.
South Davis hospital is a wonderful hospital the nurses and other caregivers are wonderful to work with its a great place and a was a wonderful opportunity for me as a employee who use to work there a big blessing to have
Camilla A.
My wife spent almost two months at this facility recently, I could not have been more pleased with the level and quality of care she received here. Everyone, including the nursing staff, physical therapists, social workers, transpiration staff, recreational therapists, even the administration... staff treated her with the upmost respect and kindness. About 20 years ago she worked here for a number of years, so when the hospital she was getting discharged from gave her a list of SNF’s she could go to this was her first choice. She was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of her former co-workers still worked here and remembered her. The fact that staff would stay around for that many years says a lot about the caliber of an organization. If we ever need a SNF in future this will always be our first more
Stephen M.
They got a really big fish tank and I'm talking really big
matthew W.
I am so grateful for SDCH . My son has been a long term resident for almost 29 years. Over the years he has had numerous people take care of him. All have been very caring and sensitive to his specific needs. Through out the years my son and I have developed some special relationships with the in... house school teachers he had, nurses, CNAs, respiratory therapists, social workers and especially recreation therapists. Every one at SDCH plays a role in the care and well being of my son and every patient. From the nursing staff , recreation therapy, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, (the kind maintenance workers who find time to hang up a new tv), the house keepers who keep everything clean and spotless, and the laundry department for washing their clothes. And every one else I forgot to name. They all work as a team to make SDCH a home for my son.(And for every patient). It is HOME . I give my gratitude and thanks to everyone. I want to give a special shoutout to Margo Evans and the whole recreation department for making “ outings” possible for me and my son. And for all of the fun activities you do with him and all of the other patients. (including the music therapy and pet therapy and all the volunteers!) It provides so much positive stimulation which is what they all need. And for putting smiles on everyones faces. Thank you for being the BEST at all you do . I recommend SDCH if you ever need some one to care for your loved one more
Laura L.
Dr Brinton and all of the nursing and respiratory staff on LTAC are the best people I could have ever asked for to take care of my son during the time he spent there. Even after discharging, they’re still invested in his care and have helped us so much! I’m incredibly grateful for them all!
Alexis J.
I have been an employee for over three years at South Davis and I have been impressed with the family atmosphere and the personal touch of this organization. The leadership and employees are compassionate and caring. Working with people who care more about their patients and their families, then... the bottom-line, has been a privilege and honor. South Davis is truly a great place to work and the care the patients receive is more
Teresa B.
I went on a last minute tour on a Sunday and I was very impressed. I was happy to hear that they are a skilled nursing center and they are equipped with lifesaving knowledge and technology like endotracheal intubation. The staff was kind and caring they really seem to care about their medical... patients. Their was joy in the environment as well as smelling and looking clean. The nurses ARE NOT assigned dozens of patients each, so that is great that they have less patients to attend to making more time to dedicate to each patient and their needs. 🙂 They have elevator and stairs. There's multiple covered patios that are accessible for patients a day room therapy services and there's also a kitchenette that has a refrigerator, water & ice, coffee pot and microwave, there's also public restrooms as well as private restrooms in room and shared restrooms in double rooms, double or private rooms as well as a cafeteria and a large beautiful aquarium (fishtank). At this moment they do work with government medical programs.I WOULD AND WILL RECOMMENDED SOUTH DAVIS CARE CENTER to anyone who asks me.FYI: I have been to many centers and and this one is by far one of the best I have more
M&K F.
My son has been a long-term resident of this facility. I am very happy with the level of care he receives, the quality of service from the nursing staff, CNAs, Social Work team and the Rec Therapy Department. My son has made lifelong friends and has thrived at this facility. I was especially and... forever grateful for the swift action they took at the onset of COVID that kept my son safe from what could have been a life threatening illness. They also were very sensitive to his emotional health during that time and made special accomodations for necessary family interaction through plexiglass and facetime calls. Special shoutout to his awesome friends, his rec therapist (Margo) and his secret CNA more
Candace G.
I have worked at SDCH for 5-years, starting as a CNA and am now a nurse. From medical and therapy to environmental services, our team works synchronously with our patients to promote healing and help the patient achieve their goals. I am honored to be part this team that is mindful of our patients'... journeys and their unique and precious lives, histories, joys, and tears and get to help them more
Debi B.
I should of done this awhile ago when I was their but thank you all for taking good care of me
Andrew S.
I am writing under my daughters name. For sum reason i can't do mine. My name is Cynthia Charles and I was a patient at western peaks and south Davis for 1 1/2 years due to Covid. I was very bad and don't remember Western Peaks but they got me well enough to go to South Davis. My experience there... was a great one. All staff down to the maintenance people was excellent. Staff was all friendly and helped push me to get better. When I didn't want to do it they encourage me to do it and I am so glad they did. I needed that extra push. I made a lot of good friends and I consider them part of my family. Was sad to leave but was excited I was well enough to go to another rehabilitation center closer to my home. There is not enough words that I can express how they made me feel. I want to thank each one of those that worked close with me. Would definitely recommend this more
Nikki C.
We are so pleased with the care you have provided our Dad. He has been there for a few weeks now. Your staff/physical therapy is amazing and very kind and always willing to help if we need anything. We are so grateful he is being treated so well and getting the care he needs. Thank you so... much!☺read more
Shanda B.
I have worked at South Davis Community Hospital for almost 12 years now. I have worked in Long Term Health Care Facilities/Rehabs since the beginning of my nursing career for over 25 years now. SDCH is by far the best company I have worked for. Management Staff takes a personal interest in their... employees and employee satisfaction is a top priority. I have never met a more dedicated staff to patient care with a desire to provide the highest level of care possible. The promotion of hands on training, development of skills and ongoing education is exceptional. SDCH offers not only specialized care with Pediatrics and Respiratory services and LTAC, but they offer a work environment that is enjoyable and promotes teamwork. South Davis Community Hospital cares about their patients and their families and I'm extremely grateful to be a part of the SDCH more
Candice A.
I work in the Nutrition Department at SDCH and I thoroughly enjoy it. The staff throughout the whole facility creates a fun and positive environment for both patients and employees. I highly recommend the care provided here as well as working here!
Abi J.
The staff is so caring of my husband. I feel like they are taking care of their own family member. I couldn't ask for a better facility to have my husband in. They are willing to answer all questions at any time. From the people in the offices to the staff on the floor it is a great place to have... your loved ones in when you find yourself in a need for their services. Even the staff in the front offices have gone beyond to assist me in every way possible. This is the first time my husband needed their service and the entire staff at South Davis is more
Rose M.
The staff at south Davis community hospital is amazing. They are very kind and so caring . The care and attentiveness towards my brother in law “mac” James Mcalister is the best imaginable. Mac has expressed to me several times how happy he is at Davis and wants to stay. To make a patient happy is... the best medicine . The second floor staff is the best medicine! On behalf of Mac and myself we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all you do! Go TEAM MAC! P.s. not all angels have wings, some wear scrubs😉read more
Jennifer C.
It was such a pleasure working with the Jamie Dangefield and all the nurses and the entire staff members that took such great care of my brother Michael while he was in their care keeping me update on all of his progress I am so thankful for the expertise and care that they showed my brother I... could never thank them enough they were my angels in my time of need because I could not be there. The have so much of my appreciation and gratitude for the whole staff I will never be able to repay them for all they more
Deborah M.
I had a great learning experience in the nutrition department!
Josseline W.
I have spent the better part of my career at South Davis, 13 amazing years. Recently left due to life changes, and there will certainly be a void in my heart! South Davis is such a unique and wonderful piece of the whole health care process. Management and leadership promotes a collaborative and... cooperative environment. Disciplines work together more so than in any other health care system I have participated in. All expertise is recognized as vital in the healing process! I always felt like a valued member of the team. I was blessed with mentors and leaders that went above and beyond to assure I had all the resources I needed to do my job. I have never in my life had leadership that placed as much importance on my success as they did on the company as a whole. My coworkers became my second family. And the caregivers treat the patients as family as well. There is so much heart and soul that goes into caring for patients, families and each other. I will miss my time there like no other. If you have the opportunity to work with this company in any capacity, be it as an employee or patient… do not pass it up!!!read more
Jan H.
My brother was there for months with covid...they took very good care of him...I can't thank them enough for all they did... so he could come home today🌹
Rose H.
Others might have had different experiences, but I found this a genuinely great place to work. I was Support Staff/NA for 8 months on the 3rd Floor (Pediatric SNF & LTAC) in 2020.The nursing staff, as a general rule, are really helpful, especially to new hires. As a new employee, your CNA peers... will be (usually) helpful and kind. The same goes for the nurses and charge nurses. I felt that my training and fresh-recruit period went very well, and I was comfortable and supported as I became more competent.The administration is also really helpful for new hires. New employees are offered extra training if they struggle, and in my case they helped my progress in my certification to CNA as I worked there.Drawbacks to working here? Well, when I worked, the main issue was CNA attendance. About a third of the shifts I worked were short-staffed and I had to take on extra patients. This isn't a huge issue, but it can make a difficult day worse. There's also quite a bit of CNA turnover, but that may have been worse earlier in the pandemic than it is now. Either way, this turns into a benefit- the administration is really motivated to keep its employees (in my experience, anyway).This hospital is really special. The staff genuinely loves the kids, and the work is occasionally frustrating, but very rewarding. To anyone wondering if they should work here, I wholeheartedly recommend more
Cole W.
South Davis Community Hospital has been my "work home" now since May of 2004. I have worked on three of four floors, been the night-shift House Supervisor, Nursing Director for First Floor until it's closure in 2020, and now work with the COVID task force and Facility Staff Development Team. This... community-based facility has the finest leadership & dedicated staff I have encountered in either my 25 years of nursing or my 20-year Air Force career that preceded it. As I think about the caliber of people with whom I work, I am humbled and honored to mingle with what I consider "the greats of the industry." It is said that "without vision, the people will perish." These people do not perish, they THRIVE in a vision that embraces continuous improvement and stellar care for their patients and employees. For example, few facilities like South Davis can boast that NONE of their patients contracted COVID during this past year! But then, there really are NO facilities that compare to South more
Doyle D.
I have been a patient at South Davis Community Hospital for almost 10 months. During this time, the doctors, nurses, CNAs, kitchen staff, therapists, and cleaning staff have all become “my other family.” Everyone here has been helpful, caring, and looking out for my best interests. I have seen this... same caring and respect with other patients.When I first came here, I was paralyzed from the neck down and in extreme pain. I have Guillain Barre Syndrome. The CNAs took care to make me hurt as little as possible when helping and moving me. Along with proper medication, communication, therapy, and my hard work, I am able to feed myself, roll over and sit up in bed, and keep more
Nona E.
I spent close to two months at SDCH Skilled Nursing Facility recuperating from COVID. The therapy staff was amazing getting me back on my feet. I was a little nervous about the lack of precaution protocols not being followed and housekeeping was having a hard time keeping up. The nursing staff... and CNA's were always willing to help if available. Again they seam to be short staffed at times. Overall I would recommend this more
Larry H.
Recently, my stepdad was admitted to South Davis Community Hospital for further treatment of an infection. It's quite a different perspective to be "the family member," (I am a nurse) and I feel deeply thankful for the care that my stepdad received. Every professional that played a part in his... healing process was compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable. They worked well with one another to achieve the most optimal outcome for my stepdad. On two occasions, I had the opportunity to sit in on the IDT meetings planned for my dad and was completely impressed with the committee approach they took in planning his recovery. They valued our input and implemented the things suggested. At the last IDT meeting, my stepdad was tearful in expressing his gratitude to each member of the team. To me, that speaks volumes to the integrity of the company, the integrity of the workers, and the complete care that is provided at South Davis Community Hospital. I completely recommend this hospital! Not only did they accelerate his healing with their team approach, he made some good friends. I will be forever grateful! Thank you, Staff Members of South Davis Community Hospital, so much... for all you did for my more
Julie M.
Respiratory Failure, pnemonia, dehydration, anemia,stage 3 kidney disease, cardiac problems, hypertension are a few of my presenting problems upon arrival my last time I visited the E.R. Survival appeared very bleak. They medically kept me asleep for more than a week The doctors felt that the only... possible way of survival would be to go to SDCH Specialty Hospital in Bountiful, Utah.I was critical and left my family and loved ones in Idaho. I was discharged today after a 4 month stay with a dynamic staff. If you are a patient or a family member of a very ill loved one, please contact this hospital.Meeting their admissions criteria has been a tremendous blessing for me.If you work at this hospital the following message is for each Angel working at SDCH Specialty Hospitaleach of you has given me gifts that I will always treasure. EVERY department attributed to my renewed LIFE. I shared smiles, tears, honestyand most of all I take with me powerful memories of YOU! thank-you!!read more
Pat V.
Completely amazing experience here. The staff was very friendly and patient. They made a real effort to help and not just get their job done but also took their time to be friendly and personable.
Ken J.
My father spent many many weeks at South Davis. He came in with a trach, unable to talk, eat, breathe or move on his own. With the dedicated care of everyone at South Davis my father flourished. Last week his trach came out and he is breathing. Last week he ate his first meal since September. ... Last week he walked without someone holding him up. This week he gets to leave. While we are so so grateful he is leaving we are also sad to leave the wonderful people we met at South Davis. We can never repay the love and kindness the staff gave my father while he was at his worst. It is one thing to just provide a service, but they go above and beyond and provide a place like a second home. Thank you for all you more
Kelley W.
I cannot say enough positive regarding my experience at this hospital. The staff was excellent and always ensured my comfort and took care of all my needs. They all showed a genuine care for me as a person as well as a patient. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who desires quality care.
Sheldon S.
SDCH has been a blessing for family. Last year our son was a patient ant PCH and Doctors wanted him to transition to home. But we were not ready for him to come home. Honestly he wasn't in a safe place to come home either. So the only option was SDCH. At first it was a scary thought of letting him... be taken care of by someone I didn't know and could I trust them. First, we went on a tour to understand the facility and to get to know the staff. They were very up front with us and explain what would happen when my son came. We were still unsure but felt SDCH would help our son. They have been helping him for the last 16months. They have been thoughtful during this pandemic when we could not visit our son for his safety and the safety of other patients. I could call daily to check up on him. They would send us pictures, FaceTime and even surprised me by letting to see him through a window and talking to him on a phone, one of the aids gave me her cell number to take to him. They eventually set up a Plexiglass visiting room that family could use to visit their loved ones. The staff truly cares for their patient children. They love them. They do everything they can to insure the emotion, physical and mental health of their patients & family. This a place wonderful place to help families transition to a new normal. Thank you South Davisread more
Hilarie P.
South Davis proved to be the very best choice for my situation. Very clean, a friendy staff, and definitely the most caring people I've personally been associated with. The therapy program and staff made my stay challenging and rewarding. I was impressed with the knowledge shown to me by my medical... team and felt completely satisfied by the treatments I received. I would sincerely recommend South Davis for anyone needing specialized treatment, in my case, burn more
Dawn M.
South Davis is an AWESOME Hospital,my stay was so much better here than the other 2 Hospitas I was at previously! ALL of the Staff are so attentive and very helpful 🙂 I never had one bad day there and I'm going to miss them when I leave! Although all of them were great, there were a few that... really stood out to me:Chelsea: Thank you so much for being so attentive and making me feel like I matter ❤ You make sure all your Patients are content and taken care of. I'm truly going to miss our are a SUPERSTAR ;)Kat (cna): You are the BEST! I so appreciated your bubbly attitude and willingness to help out with absolutely anything! Keep being're gonna go so far in this world!!Frank: Dude, you are AWESOME 👌, Thank you so much for all your help and making me feel so comfortable while I was there 🙂 Gonna miss ya, my fellow Irish Bro! 🤘read more
Tashia B.
This facility gets an A rating from me. The employees are top notch in every division. The facility is spotless and every precaution is taken on the side of safety and what is in the best interest of the patient. Thank you South Davis for taking such good care of me!Barbara Wheeler
Barbara W.
I have worked at SDCH for almost a year. I chose this facility as my first job as a new nurse due to word of mouth from people who work here now and in the past. This place is definitely a great stepping stone for a new nurse to use nursing skills that you learned while in school. I have worked at... many different areas in healthcare and have enjoyed all of them. BUT SDCH staff has encouraged me to become more confident in myself, helped me and continue to help me become a better nurse and person. Management makes you feel important and wants to hear from us on how to improve patient care and employee satisfaction. The teamwork at this facility is like none other I have seen. Everyone jumps in to help each other to make sure our patients get the best possible care. SDCH staff really care about each other and when that happens our patients can see that and feel more confident and comfortable in the care they are receiving. Thank you SDCH family for accepting me in and I hope that I can make new people that come in feel the same more
April E.
I worked at SDCH in several different positions and have truly enjoyed every one of them. I have learned so much from the fantastically wonderfully awesome team we have here. At the end of the day it is obvious that coworkers always step up and help each other out. Teamwork is vitally important,... which is one of the many qualities that shows SDCH is such a great company to work for. The staff cares deeply about our patients and want to provide the best possible care for each individual one. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read more
Ciera N.
The CNAs are excellent. PT and OT are excellent plus. Nursing is above standard. Food is very bland and needs more spices. I have shown definite improvement in my one month of being here. The only bad thing was letting my roommate leave the tv on around the clock. Hardly no sleep for three days.... They did take care of it once I spoke to them about it. Both my wife and I give kudos to CNA Sandra. She is the most helpful and compassionate person, that was in my room all the time to check on me. And a shout out to Crystal the more
Mike D.
I wanted to recognize Brad Maddy. Brad is the best physical therapist. He is always so helpful and willing to help me when I need help with a resident. Thanks Brad for always helping me!
Margo E.
My daughter was at SDCH for almost three months to recover from an injury. I am so grateful to their entire staff for the care she was given during that time. The nurses and physical/occupational therapists were very kind and professional and gave her quality care. There were always activities for... her to do with rec. therapy and always a listening ear from her social worker. There were some tough days of healing but the staff made sure she got through them. She also loved the food there and now has a new appreciation for veggies. 🙂 If she had followup appointments with doctors then SDCH has an awesome transportation crew and a van that would get her there safely and on time. I also wanted to add that if I had questions about billing or if I had a question about my daughter's well being or her care, whomever I was speaking to would make sure to get back to me with an answer. If they did not know the answer they would always research until they found one. The building was kept very clean, although older. In fact it was significantly cleaner than the other, more modern care facility we went to visit before deciding where she would be. I recommend SDCH with 5 more
Juli H
Yes it is a very very nice place it has the best by far the Nurcing staff is the best that I have ever had
I've worked here for almost 25 years now, and I feel that South Davis has taken very good care of me as an employee. It's a very friendly workplace environment with managers who are very smart and ambitious about how things are run. Better solutions are constantly being sought after, and... achieved. I have difficulty understanding why staff would want to leave and go anywhere else, unless it's for a different type of work. I feel that management succeeds at making each employee feel valued and appreciated. It makes a person go home happy at the end of the more
Matt and Kim F.
This is a great facility!! They took such great care of my mom when she broke her pelvis in three places. We were nervous about leaving her there. We didn’t have anything to worry about. It was perfect for her. The food was amazing! The staff was incredible! She got better so quickly with the help... of OT and PT. The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is the facility needs some updating. Thanks again!!read more
Linda H.
I've been a resident on the 2nd floor for about three years. The building is clean, people are very nice and polite, and they are willing to help you. Nurses and aides talk to you and their nice about it. If you ask a question, they will get you an answer. If you ask them for something, they will... get it for you right then. They don't push it off, they will get back to you. If you are down, they try to make you feel better. PT and OT make you want to work yourself and they make it easier. South Davis has Rec Therapy who do a good job with the activities. They always ask me to come down and join the activities. They have a transportation team who take you to appointments and you never have to worry about it. Most of the food is great. If you don't like something, they will change it for you and get you what you want. I was a cook for 35 yrs and it is not an easy job. The kitchen employees are serious about their job and want to make sure their residents are taken care of and enjoy their meals. I have a shared room, but if you need privacy, you've got it. If you need special care, this would be more
Charles S.
My wife was In this facility for over three years. And all of the staff were efficient and fantastic. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.
Jim W.
Living here has provided me better service both medically and accomidations.
sylas S.
I have been a nursing employee since 2004 basically. I have worked anywhere from PRN to full-time over the years. I have worked on all the on-campus floors and units. I have enjoyed how SDCH has the scheduling options of both 8 and 12 hour shifts--and even sometimes 4 hour time slots are... available for pickup. SDCH has a large variety of nursing atmospheres to choose from--skilled nursing, home health, hospice, long term acute care, pediatrics, adults, etc. There are many options within just 1 company. I have recently come upon difficult times with divorce, and special situations with my 4 children. SDCH has been absolutely amazing! They have been willing to work outside the box to help me with getting hours and benefits--something I doubt most employers would do, something they absolutely did not have to do! SDCH is one of my biggest blessings. SDCH is like any nursing job, it is demanding and there are challenging days along with the amazing days. (Yes, I have had really tough days here along with great ones.) Yet, SDCH is NOT like any nursing job because they have a heart and care about the individual employee. They also recognize your years of service and your quality of work. SDCH is sizeable enough to be dependable as a long term income source and have good benefits, yet small enough to be personable. SDCH both has turnover of its patients, and the opportunity for long term relationships--both of which can be very rewarding. SDCH coworkers are very thoughtful--on many occasions I have been amazed at the support I have at work. SDCH makes efforts to respect your rights, along with the rights of patients, in a manner that many other facilities do not. SDCH is always growing and has been exciting to see all the changes over the years and be a part of them. I have grown so much professionally in my years here. I highly recommend SDCH! I initially wanted to be a different kind of nurse, but due to the SDCH experience, I have never left, and perhaps I never will 😀read more
Ann F.
I have been a resident at South Davis Community Hospital for ten years. In that time, I have been through many ups and downs with health and other issues. The staff has always been willing to go above and beyond to accommodate any needs I may have, whether it be for my physical, mental, or... spiritual well-being. I have got to know the staff very well from Administration to Housekeeping. Everyone has positive attitudes and concern for my well-being. They really have become a second family to me. I cannot tell you how many times they have saved my life. They have increased my quality of life everyday from basic cares to big emergencies. South Davis Community Hospital staff has made me feel loved and cared for. This truly has been a great place and experience for more
Layton F.
My father Vance started out at Western Peaks for a month and was then transferred to South Davis Community Hospital second floor where he was for 5 months. Everyone was great to work with. When he got to South Davis we never thought that he would be coming home. Not only is he coming home but... his health has improved so much. The physical therapy team did an amazing job with him and got him ready to come home. It was very comforting for me being 4 hours away to be able to call and have updates given to me. All of the staff were great and we truly appreciate all that they have done for our more
Marianne K.
I have stayed at several SNF and hospitals and the care I receive at South Davis Community Hospital is superior in every aspect to the other institutions where I have stayed and/or toured. Caregivers are consistently long term employees which both improves the quality of care and indicates the job... satisfaction that employees feel here at SDCH. I can think of at least 10 current employees who started here as CNAs and returned as nurses upon receiving their degrees, again an indicator of the quality teamwork that employees experience at more
Derek S.
The patients and employees here are basically family. I would not send my loved one anywhere else for long term care.
Kroegeor C.
South Davis Community Hospital is a wonderful facility with a very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate medical team! Administration is great and always looking for ways to help the facility improve. I would definitely recommend them.
Candi V.
This is a great facility, the nurses, and aids have so much love, and compassion for their patients.
Rebecca S.
My father was a patient ther after a stroke. He could not walk, use his left hand or go to the restroom by himself. The care he received was exceptional! He worked with physical, occupational and speech therapy 5-6 days a week. His nurses and aides were so attentive to every need. He stayed there... for 2 months and made a remarkable recovery. His prognosis was grim at 90 years old. Thanks to the staff at South Davis he is living in his own home and is completely independent, even driving. I credit each and every staff member for his recovery. Many thanks!!read more
Lisa T.
The Nurses and CNAS' have taken very good care of my father. I have looked around the place is old but is very clean. They have nursed him back to the best he can be, he was in critical condition when he arrived. The social worker Jamie and Billing Jodell have been excellent with me. I would... recommend taking your loved ones here give then an Aread more
Judy M.