Confidentiality Statement

  • In keeping with the legal statutes in regard to HIPAA/HITECH, we wish to make you aware of the seriousness, sensitivity and possible consequences in disclosing patient information. Patient and/or medical information is not to be discussed in the halls, lunchroom, or any other public area, or via any type of media. (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any like social media network). Pictures of patients/residents are not to be taken at anytime or displayed by/or on any type of media or social media network. All usernames and password are to remain confidential and not shared with any other person(s). No patient information in any form is to be taken, or shared outside the directly relevant purpose. This precaution is not only to protect the patients’ rights, but to also protect our employees, outside vendors, volunteers and practicum students from civil legal action initiated by an aggrieved patient or family. I understand and agree that in the performance of my duties as an employee, volunteer, outside vendor or practicum student of South Davis Community Hospital I must hold patient and/or medical information in confidence. Further, I understand that intentional or involuntary violation of such confidentiality could result in possible legal action by the aggrieved party such as such as monetary fines, imprisonment and/or employment termination.
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